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Zhejiang Wenling No.2 High School

Wenling No.2 High School is a key high school of Zhejiang Province.
Founded in 1986 as a regular full-time public boarding school, Wenling No.2 High School situates in the center of Wenling downtown, covering a floor area of 19.04 acres and a construction area of 11.11 acres. With over 100 thousand book collections in the library, the school also boasts of advanced teaching facilities. Multimedia teaching equipments, campus network platform, language labs, electronic reading rooms, observatory, TV station, broadcasting station, biological sample labs and e-labs are extensively employed. The dining hall can hold over 2000 students at a time and has been awarded A-level food safety dinning hall of Zhejiang.
Currently, the school has 48 classes, 2380 students and 190 members of staff, among whom 169 are full-time teachers, of whom 68 are highly-qualified and 70 are professional-licensed(accouting for 75% of the staff),over 20% of whom have a master¡¯s degree. So far,8 teachers have been conferred the titles of ¡°National Prominent Teacher¡±, ¡°National Outstanding Head-teacher¡± and ¡°Provincial Prominent Teacher¡±; 12 have won the provincial ¡°Silkworm Prize¡±, ¡°Provincial Master Teacher¡±, ¡°Candidate for Master Principal¡± and ¡°Provincial New Star-teacher¡±; 22 have been awarded Taizhou-wide ¡°Master Teacher¡±, ¡° Prominent Teacher¡± and ¡°Advanced Teaching Staff¡±;7 Taizhou-wide ¡°New Star-teacher¡± and ¡°Teaching Expert¡±; 31 Wenling-wide ¡°Core Teaching staff¡±. 
Wenling No.2 High School persists in an all-round management mode of high efficiency and feasibility. The rate of the graduates¡¯ admission into the universities ranks among the top six Taizhou-wide, for six years in a row, ranks the second in Wenling. In 2007, both of the top scorer in science( Taizhou-wide) and arts(Wenling-wide) are from Wenling No.2 High School and they were admitted into Beijing University and Zhejiang University respectively. The school also excels in course contests, music, physical, aesthetic, labor skill and speciality education. Over 120 students were awarded with different provincial or national prizes last year alone.
Wenling No.2 High School has been vigorously seeking an open school-running mode and actively carrying out the International Exchange Student Program. Up till now, the school has established cooperation relatioships with Urbana University of Ohio in the U.S.A , the West Lake Preparatory School of Florida in the U.S.A ,Pei Cai University in South Korea and German Hanau Hector Voight root level grammar school. With the qualification of recruiting foreign experts, the school has for many times invited foreign scholars to visit or give lectures.
The School has been highly recognized by the upper level authorities and won a series of honors for its great achievements. It is reputed as an experimental network school in basic education, Chinese geographical science education base ,an experimental school in modern educational technology, an experimental unit for ¡°high-school Students¡¯ all-round development project¡±, a Garden-like school in Taizhou, etc.. 
Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Gender£º ¡öunspecific 
Education£º¡öTESOL/TEFL certification in middle school  
Major£º ¡öunspecific
Working Experience£º ¡ötwo years
Kind of Teacher£º¡öteacher
Nationality£º¡öUSA ¡öUK ¡öCanada
Vacancy£º¡ö 1
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ£º¡ö yes
The time the employment contract be offered£º¡öbefore the arrival ¡öafter the arrived
Contract time£º¡öone year (from  Feb. 25th, 2013 to Jan. 25th, 2014 ).
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract£º¡öyes
Starting time£º¡öas soon as possible
Working place£º¡öon campus
Workload£º¡ö 18 class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ¡öthe fifteenth on the following month
Courses£º¡öspoken English ¡öconversation
Monthly salary£º¡öMonthly RMB 7,200¡«7,500¡«7,700¡«7900 based on degree and teaching experience £¨covering basic salary RMB4,500¡«4,800¡«5,000¡«5,200, house rent allowance RMB 2,000, residential allowance RMB 500, insurance allowance and clinic allowance RMB 200).
Airfare allowance: ¡öround trip (up to Rmb 5000 yuan maximum)
What time to reimburse the air ticket£º¡öon the completion of the contract
Meals£º ¡öcooling utensils provided
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account£º ¡ö yes
Free Chinese course£º¡ö yes
Boarding place£º¡öon campus
If so, how far away£º  0 Km
Transport£º ¡öwalk
boarding£º ¡öapartment
Is the accommodation¡°FAO Approved¡±for foreigners£º¡öyes 
Is accommodation self-contained: ¡öyes
The floor space£º  45  £¨Square meter£©
Inside the accommodation£º
¡öone bedroom ¡öBathroom/Toilet ¡öEuropean Toilet ¡öBathtub/Shower ¡öColor TV
¡ö9 (CCTV9) English Channel   ¡öRefrigerator¡öAir conditioning  ¡öWashing Machine    ¡öTelephone(IDD) ¡ö/24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas ¡öMicrowave/oven ¡öA-Z miscellaneous items(bedding, blanket, pillow, towel, sleeper, etc.) ¡öAll kinds of cooking utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans) ¡öComputer with internet Access
With the accommodation ( the school will pay the maximum RMB500) who pays for more than 500:
Water£º ¡ö teacher
Electricity£º ¡ö teacher
Gas£º ¡ö teacher
Phone local£º ¡ö teacher
Long distance£º ¡ö teacher
Internet connection£º ¡ö teacher
Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school: ¡öyes
The School Size and Facilities Provided
The size of the school£º77034m2
How many buildings£º4
Does the school take boarders£º¡ö yes How Many£º1500
How many students£º2200How many teachers£º190
The range of Age£º16-19 How many students in one class£º50
Students¡¯ English level£º¡öBasic
Facility of the school£º¡ö Gymnasium¡öDinning Room
¡öLibrary (English)
Facility Around£º ¡ö24h Supermarket ¡öInternet bar ¡öPark ¡ö laundry
¡öBus Station ¡öRailway Station ¡ö other
The name of the nearest large city£º  Wenzhou  City
How far£º  80Km   Population£º   7  £¨million£©
Temperature City range£º¡ö summer ¡ö winter
Are the Medical Facilities available£º¡öYes
In a emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities£º  5 Minutes

How to apply

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