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Jiangsu Changzhou High Level Vocational and Technical School

The original basis of Jiangsu Province Changzhou High Level Vocational and Technical School (Changzhou Construction Branch School of Jiangsu Province United Vocational and Technical School) is the Jiangsu Province town construction school of national key secondary technical school, which was built in 1988, governed by Jiangsu Province Real Estate and Construction of Town and Village Bureau, and a state-run technological high level vocational school built and agreed by provincial government.
Requirements on For There¡¯re 5 specialty departments of Construction Planning, Civil Engineering, Management Engineering, Environment Engineering, and Electronic Engineering, 14 five-year studying mode high level vocational specialties of Town Planning, Building Decoration Engineering Technology, Building Engineering Technology, Engineering Supervisor, City Government Project Technology, Garden Engineering Technology, Environment Monitoring and Governing Engineering Technology, Engineering Price, Estate Management, Estate Managing and Pricing, Building Intelligent Engineering Technology, Building Electric Engineering Technology, City Transportation(Public Transportation Management direction), City Gas Engineering Technology etc, and three-year studying mode second vocational specialties of Building Engineering Construction, Building Equipment Fixing, City Gas Transportation and Application, Accounting Computerization, and E-business in the school. There¡¯re full time students more than 6,600, teaching staffs more than 380 including full time teachers of 280, 81 with high-level teaching certification, and 159 of ¡®Double Technology Teacher¡¯ Type.
With land acreage of 127,000m2, total construction acreage of more than 70,000 m2, the school owns 540,000 m2 planning land acreage of new campus, and 280,000 m2 planning total construction acreage. There¡¯re technology practice workshop of nearly 30,000 m2, near 100 variety types of training rooms, and more than 150 student internship bases out of school. The national professional (city construction direction) technology testing bureau and provincial city construction career technology training house, testing bureau also can be found in school, which play training and testing service to state-run enterprises in construction industry with training scale of 15,000 a year. The school has set diploma conferred service and teaching bases of bachelor(vocational)level by cooperation with Tongji University and Nanjing Forestry University.
With principal of service and management direction of helping students to find job, the school largely practices the ¡®One Diploma and Several Certification System¡¯. After graduation, students of the school can obtain a graduation diploma +English level certification+ computer level certification+ career qualification(construction industry).During more than 20 years since the school has been built, with the management idea of ¡®Perfect Connected¡¯ with industry and enterprises, pushing largely ¡®Ordering Contract Training¡¯ and knowledge practice placement, the school has provided more than 15,000 students for Jiangsu Province and the economy and social development of China. Recently, the working rate of graduation student has achieved more than 98% annually.
eign teacher/expert
Gender£º ¡öunspecific 
Working Experience£º¡öone year ¡öthree years ¡öabove three years ¡öunspecific
Kind of Teacher£º¡öteacher
Age£º ¡öunspecific
Nationality£º¡öUSA ¡öUK ¡öCanada ¡öAustralian
Vacancy£º¡ö1 one
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ£º¡ö yes
The time the employment contract be offered£º¡öbefore the arrival ¡öafter the arrived
Contract time£º¡öone year (from  Feb. 25th, 2013 to Jan. 25th, 2014)
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract£º¡öyes ¡öno
Starting time£º¡öSep 1 of 2012
Working place£º¡öon campus
Workload£º¡ö  20 class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ¡öthe fifteenth on the following month
Courses£º¡öspoken English
Monthly salary£º¡öMonthly RMB 7,200¡«7,500¡«7,700¡«7900 based on degree and teaching experience £¨covering basic salary RMB4,500¡«4,800¡«5,000¡«5,200, house rent allowance RMB 2,000, residential allowance RMB 500, insurance allowance and clinic allowance RMB 200).
Airfare£º¡öround trip (up to Rmb5000 yuan maximum) on the completion of the contract
What time to reimburse the air ticket£º¡öon the completion of the contract
What time to reimburse the travel allowance£º¡öon the completion of the contract
Meals£º¡öcooling utensils provided
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account£º¡ö yes
Free Chinese course£º¡ö5 hours per week
Boarding place£º¡öon campus
If so, how far away£ºKm
Transport£º ¡öwalk
boarding£º ¡öapartment
Is the accommodation¡°FAO Approved¡±for foreigners£º¡öyes
Is accommodation self-contained: ¡öyes
The floor space£º  85  £¨Square meter£©
Inside the accommodation£º
¡ötwo bedrooms ¡öSitting Room ¡öBathroom/Toilet ¡öEuropean Toilet ¡ö Bathtub/Shower
¡öKitchen ¡öColor TV ¡öTelephone (IDD) ¡ö (CCTV9) English Channel   
¡öRefrigerator ¡öVCD/DVD ¡öComplete set of furniture ¡öWashing Machine
¡ö24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas ¡öAir conditioning ¡öMicrowave/oven
¡öA-Z miscellaneous items (bedding, blanket, pillow, towel,        
sleeper, etc.)
¡öAll kinds of cooking utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans)
¡öComputer with Internet Access
With the accommodation, who pays for more than 500:
Water£º ¡ö teacher
Electricity£º¡ö teacher
Gas£º ¡ö teacher
Phone local£º¡ö teacher
Long distance£º ¡ö teacher
Internet connection£º ¡ö teacher
Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school: ¡öyes
The School Size and Facilities Provided
The size of the school£º  200 areas   
How many buildings£º  5   
Does the school take boarders£º¡ö yes How Many£º  4000    
How many students£º  6000  How many teachers£º  350        
The range of Age£º  15-20    How many students in one class£º  50   
Students¡¯ English level£º ¡ö Basic
Facility of the school£º¡öGymnasium ¡öDinning Room ¡öLibrary (English)¡öInfirmary
Facility Around£º ¡ö24h Supermarket ¡öInternet bar ¡öPark ¡ö laundry
¡öBus Station
The name of the nearest large city£º  Shanghai  City
How far£º   200Km   Population£º  10  £¨million£©
Temperature City range£º¡ö summer ¡ö winter
Are the Medical Facilities available£º¡öYes
In a emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities£º  15  Minutes

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