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Hebei College of Science &Technology

Approved by the people’ government and recorded in the Hebei Ministry of Education, College of Science & Technology is an independent full-time college which can award  undergraduate, specialist qualifications in such areas as engineering, economics, management, arts and related subjects. Students are admitted throughout the country.
The College is located in the historical and cultural city, Baoding .With its predominant geographical location and convenient transportation, it is known as the southern gateway of the capital Beijing. The College covers an area of ​​617.2 mu, ​​160,720 of square meters’ building area, equipped with Modern teaching facilities, 31 laboratories, 10 language labs, 29multimedia classrooms, 27 training base, 1000 teaching computers, 436,000 more books, more than 507 domestic and international journals, 687GB electronic books ,7200 kinds of electronic journals. Life facilities of the College are also abundant. With a standard track and field stadium, sports center. Implementation of student housing apartment management. With a cable, the Internet is available throughout the day. Living area has dining center, laundry center, college supermarkets, medical centers, bathrooms and other supporting services. College has such Departments as Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Economics and Management, Department of Information Engineering, Media and Art and Design, Tourism Management, Department of Public courses, Training Department and so on. Totally, there are nine teaching units covering 39.specialist expertise. 

The College has established a high-quality, strong ability teaching staffs team. Presently, there are 439 teaching staffs. 332 are full-time teachers thereof, 107 teachers with titles of associate professor or above, (26 professor grade teachers,). 126 teachers with a Ph.D graduate degree. Each year College will invite famous experts and scholars, both domestic and overseas, to come for academic exchanges and seminars, so as to broaden the horizons and broaden communication channels and enhance the academic atmosphere of the campus.  In recent years, college has won 17 awards in teaching and research, published 42 books and teaching materials, 12 hospital-level quality courses, and "Automotive electrical structure and maintenance" has been selected as the provincial quality courses.

The College attaches great importance to employment issue, which has been placed in a prominent position, and is "the number one project." The college established a hospital employment system "mainly under the leadership of the central officials, co-ordination of various departments to implement, full participation". Colleges broaden employment channels, and vigorously open up the job market. Pay Great efforts for graduates to find employment, build a platform for employment through positive and effective ways. The college has establish a stable base with 32 enterprises and institutions for practice in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and other cities and establish a long-term partnership with more than 100 employers, including: China the first Communications Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., Tianjin Co., Ltd. Financial Profile and others to ensure that each graduate can choose their counterparts in the professional 1-2 jobs. In addition, the College has established a dedicated team of teachers, career guidance, employment services for graduates to pursue life-long, the entire track. In recent years, employment of our college graduate rate remained at 95%.
Employment Package
Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Gender: ■unspecific   
Education:■bachelor ■unspecific
Working Experience: ■unspecific
Kind of Teacher:■teacher
Nationality:■USA ■UK ■Canada ■Australian
Vacancy:■4 four
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ:■ yes
Contract time:■one year (from  Feb. 25th, 2013 to Jan. 25th, 2014)
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract:■yes
Starting time:■Sep 1 of 2012
Working place:■on campus 
Workload:■ class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ■the fifteenth on the following month
Courses:■spoken English ■conversation ■reading ■writing
Monthly salary:■Monthly RMB 7,200~7,500~7,700~7900 based on degree and teaching experience (covering basic salary RMB4,500~4,800~5,000~5,200, house rent allowance RMB 2,000, residential allowance RMB 500, insurance allowance and clinic allowance RMB 200).
Airfare:■round trip (up to Rmb5000 yuan maximum) on the completion of the contract
What time to reimburse the air ticket:■on the completion of the contract
Meals:■cooling utensils provided
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account: ■ yes
Boarding place:■on campus
If so, how far away: 0 Km
Is the accommodation“FAO Approved”for foreigners:■yes
Is accommodation self-contained: ■yes
The floor space:78(Square meter)
Inside the accommodation:
■two bedroom■Bathroom/Toilet■European Toilet ■Sitting Room
■Bathtub/Shower ■Kitchen ■Color TV ■Telephone (IDD)
■Refrigerator ■Complete set of furniture■A-Z miscellaneous item
■Washing Machine ■Air conditioning ■Microwave/oven■VCD/DVD
■24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas■All kinds of cooking utilities
■Computer with internet Access
With the accommodation,who pays for:
Gas:■ teacher
Long distance:■ teacher
Internet connection:■teacher
Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school: ■yes
The School Size and Facilities Provided
The size of the school: 411466
How many buildings: 4
Does the school take boarders:■yes
How many students:6000 How many teachers: 439
The range of Age: 18-23  How many students in one class: 30
Students’ English level:■ Basic
Facility of the school:■Dinning Room ■Library (English) ■Infirmary
Facility Around: ■24h Supermarket ■Internet bar ■ laundry
■Bus Station ■Railway Station
The name of the nearest large city: Beijing  City
How far: 146km  Population: (million)
Temperature City range:■ summer 35℃ ■winter -5℃
Are the Medical Facilities available:■Yes
In a emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities: 5 Minutes

How to apply

Please contact us at the e-mail of admin@helengroup.com with your full resume attched. Once we receive your e-mail we will contact you as soon as possible.

For more inquiries, please contact:
Foreign Affair Case Manager
E-mail: admin@helengroup.com
URL: http://www.helengroup.com/


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