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Jiangxi YingTan Vocational and Technical College

Approved by Jiangxi provincial government, Ying Tan Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public higher vocational college established and run by Ministry of Education. It is also an enterprise cooperating with Renmin University of China, Jiang Xi Normal University, Southwest University of Science and Technology and other universities. It is located in the southern suburbs of Yingtan near the National highway No.320, at the foot of Dragon and Tiger mountain-famous Taoist holy place, and at the junctions of Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Anhui-Jiangxi, and Yingtan-Xiamen railway. The college developed out of the provincial famous school ¡°Yingtan Normal School¡± (founded in 1960) and ¡°Yingtan Education College¡± with 15 years¡¯ practice of junior college (founded in 1987 and then setting up specialty department of Jiangxi Normal University). In May of the year 2001, the two schools were merged into a new college named ¡°Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University¡±; in April of the year 2002 after passing the evaluation of comprehensively running the college, Yingtan Vocational and Technical College was established.
The college covers an area of more than 530 Chinese mu with the total construction of more than 120,000 square meters. In the campus, teaching building, technology building, practical training building and art building are shaded with the forest. Waterside pavilions, glittering lakes and picturesque mountains, green trees and grass, birds¡¯ twitter and flowers¡¯ flagrance all present comfortable and pleasant scene. Beautiful and clean students¡¯ dorms and canteens are ideal places for living service while libraries, students¡¯ activity center, ground track field are large stages for students to absorb knowledge and demonstrate the youth.
According to development plan, the college collected 20million to initiate the construction of east campus in 2005. Up to now, three grand and splendid students¡¯ dorms and the canteen center have been established, and the overall pattern of the college has begun to take shape.
The college has more than 400 faculties, including 280 teaching staff among which 14 teachers have senior professional titles, 74 associate senior professional titles, 44 post graduates, and 91 double-qualified teachers, besides 6 Provincial young and middle-aged backbone teachers and 4 Provincial distinguished teachers. Dozens of well-known experts and scholars inside and outside the province are often invited to give lectures. Professor Zhu Bofang, academician of Chinese academy of engineering serves as an Honorary President of the college.
The college has more than 7000 registered students and comprises applied engineering department, administration department, information technology department, foreign language department, art department, P.E department, general education department and other teaching units, offering 27 higher vocational specialties. Of all professions, there are 2 provincial characteristic majors, 5 school-level key supported majors, 14 elaborate courses in the school, forming multilevel, diversified and opening pattern of running school.
Sticking to the idea ¡°employment as orientation and close to market¡± which is the consistent conception for college to hold, the college puts great emphasis on cultivating students¡¯ practical ability by constantly strengthening the construction of experimental and practical training bases. 49 practical training bases inside the college such as simulate electronic practical training bases, metalworking practical training bases, CNC machine practical training bases, single chip practical training bases; imitating guider practical training bases and so on are established as well as other 42 stable practical training bases outside the college according to different majors.
The college focuses on the graduates¡¯ employment, so actively promotes talent cultivating mode of combining study with work, colleges with entrepreneurs. Therefore, the college establishes more than 40 internship bases in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang and maintains a sound relationship with some corporations such as KELON, MIDEA, FOXCONN in Guangdong, INVENTEC, TATHONG in Shanghai, and other travel agencies inside and outside the province. The annual employment rates of the graduates are above 80%, and even surpass 90% in some majors.
Grounded on cultivating compound talents having the ability of practice, application and innovation, the college puts forward three-elements cultivating mode of perfect personality, interdisciplinary and modern skills, accelerates quality-oriented education and constructs featured system for skill examination and target evaluation. National Computer Proficiency Test, CET, National Mandarin Chinese Test, Occupational skill Evaluation institution directly run by Jiangxi province have been approved and established and laid the groundwork for students to train professional skills and pursue employment.
Based on the students-oriented principle, financial aid policy is enforced by establishing scholarship, grant-aids, providing grant-loans, extending subsidy for poor students and exploring work-study for grant-in ¨Caid and other approaches to construct all-round and diversified subsidy system, provide grants to excellent students and guarantee every student doesn¡¯t drop out. Annual practical grants funds are above 150 million.
Adhering to a route of integrating study, producing, and research, the college endeavors to promote teaching reform, interior administration structure reform and logistic socialized reform. Therefore, teaching quality, comprehensive qualities of students and logistic service level have increased year by year. Recently, nearly 80 students have received prizes in national and provincial contests: Guoli in foreign language department was awarded ¡°golden-metal in 8th China Broadcast Firm and Television English Speech contest¡±; Dong Qinghua and Huang Dan in Information Technology won the first prize in National Mathematical Modeling Contest; Xie Ting in foreign language department was honored with ¡°Ambassadors¡± in BoYuan Red Tour Guide Contest; Volleyball team in PE department got the champion in three successive competitions. Teachers have made remarkable achievements in science research including 19 monographs, 452 thesis and 47 provincial subjects. More than 50 teachers are titled with provincial advanced individuals and excellent teachers, of which 3 are graded as XianZIjin Education Fund, 1 National Art Advanced Individual, 3 Jiang xi Distinguished Teachers in High University,6 Jiangxi Backbone Teachers. The college was elected as ¡°Model Unit of JiangXi¡± for four times.
Over the years, our college has been firmly holding on the motto ¡°high morality, rich knowledge, good ability and self-reliance, and adhering to the route of featured high-vocational and technical education. With vigorous spirit, strong energy and well-knit work style, all the faculty members are diligently making a great contribution to the construction of provincial normal higher-vocational college.
Employment Package
Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Major£º¡öeducation ¨Crelated ¡öunspecific
Working Experience£º¡öthree years and above three years
Kind of Teacher£º¡öteacher
Nationality£º¡öUSA ¡öUK ¡öCanada ¡öAustralian
Vacancy£º¡ö2 two
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ£º¡ö yes
The time the employment contract be offered£º¡öbefore the arrival 
Contract time£º¡öone year (from Feb. 25th, 2013 to Jan. 25th, 2014 )
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract£º¡öyes
Working place£º¡öon campus 
Workload£º¡ö 18-20 class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ¡öthe fifteenth on the following month
Courses£º¡öspoken English ¡öconversation ¡öreading
Monthly salary£º¡öMonthly RMB 7,200¡«7,500¡«7,700¡«7900 based on degree and teaching experience £¨covering basic salary RMB4,500¡«4,800¡«5,000¡«5,200, house rent allowance RMB 2,000, residential allowance RMB 500, insurance allowance and clinic allowance RMB 200).
Airfare£º¡öround trip (up to Rmb 5000 yuan maximum) on completion of the contract
What time to reimburse the air ticket£º¡öon the completion of the contract
Meals£º¡öcooling utensils provided
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account£º ¡ö yes ¡ö no
Boarding place£º¡öon campus
Transport£º¡öschool bus/bus ¡öwalk
Is the accommodation¡°FAO Approved¡±for foreigners£º¡öyes
Is accommodation self-contained: ¡öyes
The floor space£º100£¨Square meter£©
Inside the accommodation£º
¡ötwo bedrooms ¡öSitting Room ¡öBathroom/Toilet ¡ö Bathtub/Shower
¡öKitchen ¡öTelephone (IDD)   
¡öRefrigerator ¡öComplete set of furniture ¡öWashing Machine
¡ö24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas ¡öAir conditioning ¡öMicrowave/oven
¡öA-Z miscellaneous items (bedding, blanket, pillow, towel, sleeper, etc.)
¡öAll kinds of cooking utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans)
¡öComputer with internet Access
With the accommodation, who pays for:
Water£º¡ö teacher
Electricity£º¡ö teacher
Gas£º¡ö teacher
Long distance£º¡ö teacher
Internet connection£º¡öteacher
Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school: ¡öyes ¡ö no
Other£ºNo pet in the apartment.  
The School Size and Facilities Provided
The size of the school£º354000 sqm
How many buildings£º5
Does the school take boarders£º¡ö yes
How many students£º5000 How many teachers£º300
The range of Age£º18-21 How many students in one class£º50
Students¡¯ English level£º¡ö Intermediate
Facility of the school: ¡öGymnasium ¡öDinning Room ¡öLibrary (English) ¡öInfirmary
Facility Around£º¡öBus Station ¡öRailway Station
The name of the nearest large city£ºYingtan_City
How far£º15KM Population£º1£¨million£©
Temperature City range£º¡ö summer 35¡æ ¡öwinter -5¡æ
Are the Medical Facilities available£º¡öNo
In a emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities£º5 Minutes

How to apply

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